Why Buy RTA Cabinets?

If you are like the rest of us, you are probably spending more time at home than normal because it just is not feasible to leave your home as much as we all did a few years ago. The economy has played a huge role in how we watch out pennies and what we spend those pennies on. Since we spend a ton of time in our humble homes, we start to find that we all re-invest into our largest investment. Our homes.One of the largest expenses is the kitchen. We all spend a ton of time in our kitchens and yet we dread spending a ton of money to make it feel new again. I have done plenty of research on suppliers of kitchen cabinets and have come across a growing breed of cabinets that sparked my interest. Aside from your big box store cabinets, there are custom and semi-custom cabinet lines that are all well made, but you are going to pay for it. The increasingly popular RTA Cabinets are very interesting to me. RTA means ready to assemble. I wanted to look deeper into these cabinets and see if I could find a pitfall. I also noticed that if you look for a pitfall you will find one in no matter what you are searching. I will explain what I mean. I searched for types of RTA Cabinets and found different suppliers, different manufacturers, and different materials. Of course I found the largest similarity, price. They all seem to be very low in price. This reason being a standard cabinet line that is assembled and delivered to your door, you pay for the man hours it takes to assemble the cabinet and you pay for the empty internal space that the cabinet takes up on a delivery truck as the delivery companies do not just rate the shipment on weight but density and cubic feet that the shipment takes up compared to a solid shipment. Also they tack on a little for shipping damage (as there is a ton) and packaging man hours and material. You see where this is going. Feel free to pull out the calculator and the check book because this will get pricey. You then have to pay for a contractor who is qualified, insured and bonded to take out your old cabinets. Now mind you, this can be done by you with a few simple household tools.With RTA Cabinets, they come flat packed. As stated earlier, this means you pay a ton less for shipping and packaging, less for freight damage allowance, less for man hours to put them together and less for handling. You put them together with the same simple household tools.There are RTA Cabinets that are made extremely cheap that the cabinets don’t stand up to a home with children or even just shear use. I have found if they are made of all wood hold up just as well as the semi-custom lines. I have also broken up a list of reasons why to buy Ready to assemble Cabinets.1. Price – By assembling and even installing RTA cabinets yourself, it can take the average kitchen remodel from $15-20,000 with name brand cabinets, to around $2-5,000 with RTA cabinets or ready-to-assemble cabinets2. Ease of Assembly and Installation – RTA cabinets are extremely easy to put together. Some are cam-lock and some go together with L-brackets. It all depends on the cabinet manufacturer.3. Delivery Lead Time – If you buy cabinets from a big box home supply store, you generally will wait 4-8 weeks for delivery, then another 1-2 weeks for an installation scheduling. When you buy RTA cabinets you normally will see your complete order by 3 weeks the latest. Normally they are in route to a customers delivery location within 1-2 weeks.4. Quality Materials – A large majority of cabinets are made of particle board or fiber board. With RTA cabinets, solid wood frames and doors and plywood interior boxes is a standard. RTA Cabinets come in many forms: maple kitchen cabinets, oak kitchen cabinets, cherry kitchen cabinets, particle board cabinets, MDF cabinets, and high quality all wood cabinets.After reviewing a few of the top online stores for RTA Cabinets, I have found many sites to be very helpful when looking to buy RTA Cabinets when you are looking for reliable all wood cabinets. I also recommend searching for blogs and complaint boards to check for vendor reliability. It is bad enough that we question a product, you need to trust the source just as well.

Reflect Your Personality and Choose the Perfect Cabinets

You will more than likely have a strong reaction once you see the “perfect” kitchen cabinets online or in stores. After all, they are meant to draw your eye. Space for space, kitchen cabinets cover a significant square footage of your kitchen. They are such a prominent feature in a kitchen so there is no use trying to hide them! A kitchen’s entire personality can depend so much on the kitchen cabinets, so for your next remodeling project, start looking online now.Sometimes you just need to change up the kitchen cabinet design. It may be a simple task of switching cabinet doors, repainting or refinishing your old cabinets, or replacing cabinet hardware. When considering new cabinets, look carefully through many options for kitchen cabinet designs online or in stores. Print out the resources for your favorite ones online, then take your know-how to the stores.The most important part of buying them is to measure, measure, measure! Measure the length and width of cabinet doors. If you are installing entirely cabinets, measure depth. Measure your ceiling height. Understand that newer houses tend to have higher ceilings; it may be architecturally impossible to support having tall 42 inch cabinets installed in your old kitchen.But don’t worry, a solution can be had for all cabinet spaces- as long as you remember to measure properly. Why the emphasis on measurements? Consider the consequences of inaccurate measuring- crookedly hung cabinets, improperly cabinet doors that don’t open properly, or worse, you purchased your kitchen cabinets online and now cannot obtain a refund.However, if you are careful, purchasing cabinets online can be a smart budget move. You can purchase budget-friendly pre-made or stock kitchen cabinets that you repaint or finish yourself. Most times, you will have to install them yourself, so be prepared.Then again, your tastes may involve buying or designing custom cabinets online. You may require a special height, or you just want a unique look. You might want circular cabinets or some other shape! Some kitchen cabinet designs have glass inlays or fronts; those are usually always semi-custom or custom made. Other “bonus” perks that you may wish to install in your cabinets are pull out butcher blocks, rotating shelves, or pockets or spice racks on the inside of the cabinet doors themselves.Be a careful cabinet shopper. As silly as it sounds, be certain that designers are not cutting corners by installing cabinets without backs or reinforcement. With the ease of online shopping comes the risk of ordering cabinets sight unseen. If you choose to purchase it online, request samples of the cabinet wood before making a full purchase. Popular woods are maple, oak, cherry and birch.Cheaper alternatives are particle wood or composite wood, but may not be as durable. Since you are constantly going to be opening and closing cabinet doors, and moving things in and out of them, you should consider quality. Also, for resell value, buyers will look for durable cabinets that don’t need immediate replacing.If your cabinet faces look decent, skip kitchen cabinet online shopping and think about changing hardware instead. Sometimes installing interesting knobs can change the whole look of the kitchen. Look even to reusing dresser pulls or knobs from salvaged furniture. Or even cute Lego blocks or toy bricks can work if you can grip it! If it fits the look of your kitchen, go for it!Kitchen cabinet design can be subtle or standout. Whether your find kitchen cabinets online [http://www.kitchenplansonline.com/kitchen-cabinets-online.html] or in the stores, let whichever style you choose reflect your personality. Remember, kitchen cabinets are the main feature in a kitchen, so pick the cabinet style that you want to see shine!